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Home security can be complicated. Learn the basics of protecting your home and family.

Black "Step-On" Patio Door Lock

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  • are more popular in these times of unsecured and unsafe living. The world goes so far so the home safety is now more important than everything else and the home security is the high up on the priorities list of every family.

    Wireless cameras are easy to set up anywhere in your home. Here are the 7 easy steps in installing a wireless home security camera in your home.

  • To maintain safety and security in your home, installing a home security system in the form of wireless home security cameras would be your best choice. With the advent of advanced wireless technology, you can now even monitor your apartment or house remotely. When your children or pets are left at home, it is also now possible for you to watch them even when you are not home with them. Wireless cameras installed for security in your home make these all easy for you.

    Make sure you and your family feel protected day after day. Learn more about how to be proactive with your home’s security by accessing our professional home security resources.

    Professional Installation

    Our certified installers quickly and conveniently install your wireless home alarm system with minimal disruption to your schedule and home life. All that you need to do is choose your security alarm system codes. We even offer a next-day installation in certain areas. Reply today to find out more.

    Three Points of Protection

      An ADT Monitored Home Security System provides coverage for the three primary doors or windows of your choice. Audible beep alarms alert you when the security of these protected areas is potentially compromised. This 3-point system is designed to be easily increased at nominal cost.

  • Xfinity Home-Control 150

    Xfinity Home Secure 300

    • $19.95/month for the first 12 months with 2 year agreement
    • DIY Installation or Professional installation starting at $99
    • 1 Hub
    • 1 motion sensor
    • 1 door or window sensor
    • 1 indoor/outdoor camera or 1 thermostat
    • 1 lighting controller
    • $39.95/month for the first 12 months with 2 year agreement
    • Free professional Installation
    • 1 touch screen controller
    • 3 door or window sensors
    • 1 wireless keypad
    • *Possible free security camera

    Such home security sensors don't have to be an external accessory, either. Some windows are built with thin strips of metal in them that, when broken, can also trigger a home security alarm.

DIY Alarm Systems – Home Security Systems

Control Panels
These panels are the ‘brains’ of home security systems. They are physically or remotely attached to electronic sensors and detectors throughout the house. They usually have a keypad with them to allow you to control, disable or activate your home security system.