Guitar String Notes On A Piano Keyboard

Once you know the basic guitar string names, you will want to learn the notes of the frets.

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  • If you absolutely must have steel-core strings, an alternative might be high-tension silk and steel guitar strings. These strings have a steel core wrapped with silk fibers and then are coated with silver and then again with copper. These strings still require more tension on the neck of your classical guitar, however, so you may find that the neck still bows and eventually the strings will cut into the nuts and saddles, as they are more abrasive than nylon or catgut strings.

    Today, most classical guitar strings are made out of nylon. This material offers the same full and warm sound as catgut, without all the tuning and breakage issues. Nylon strings are very easy to find and come in a variety of styles.

  • Classical guitar strings are sold in different tensions, and each suits a different playing style. As discussed above, the greater the tension, the more force is applied on the neck of your guitar. You will choose the tension of your strings based on your playing style and the sound you are going for. For instance, high tensions strings offer louder, fuller sounds but are stiffer and require more finger strength than medium or low tension strings.

    The classical guitar offers a sound that no other instrument can touch, and for this reason it has stood the test of time. Take good care of your beautiful instrument, and it will offer you years of enjoyment. When you are ready to treat your guitar to a new set of strings, consider the following manufacturers of excellent classical guitar strings:

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    Single Bass Guitar Strings
    Single Loop End Strings
    Single Mandolin Family Strings
    Single Strings for Other Instruments

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    And now you would like to know each of the guitar string names - or as some guitarists call them: guitar string notes. Experienced players usually refer to each string by it's open note in Standard Tuning: E.G. 'G string' or 'A string'.

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Bass guitar strings are sometimes made for a particular scale length and come in short, medium, long and extra long (sometimes called super long) scale. Typical strings come in the following gauges: