How to hard reset a GoPro Hero 3 or 3+

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The GoPro Hero3+ is unable to shoot either 4K or 2.7K video at any frame-rate.
GoPro HERO3+: Silver Edition
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1 x GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition – RRP £359.991 x Lexar 32GB Micro SD Memory Card – RRP £44.99
GoPro HERO4 Silver
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The GoPro Hero 3 is available for pre-order now, and will begin shipping Nov. 14.

GoPro HERO3: White Edition - (197'/ 60m Waterproof Housing)

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  • The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition is a small but tough camera and camcorder designed to be used in the harshest of conditions. If you've ever watched the Deadliest Catch you'll know the astonishingly exacting the conditions it is filmed in are. Can you guess what they use to film? That's right it's GoPro cameras. That's how tough they are.

    Die GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition verbessert noch einmal die gute Videoqulität, die schon das Vorgängermodell bot. Full-HD-Videos mit 60 fps und bis zu 45 MBit/s aufzunehmen, beherrscht derzeit keine andere Action-Kamera.

  • Terdapat beberapa model GoPro Hero 3 iaitu GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition dan GoPro Hero 3 White Edition. Artikel ini memfocuskan kepada GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.

    Lighter, smaller, sharper
    The GoPro Hero3 is 25 percent lighter than the previous-generation Hero 2's camera. It's also 30 percent smaller. However, all of that reduction manifests in reduced thickness with a new depth of only 20mm. The height and width (42mm by 60mm) are unchanged to maintain compatibility with GoPro's line of BacPac add-on modules and rear doors for the clear plastic shell.

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  • GoPro Hero 3 : Black Edition merupakan edisi berspesifikasi paling tinggi dalam barisan produk GoPro Hero 3. Ia 30% lebih kecil dan 25% lebih ringan dan 2 kali lebih berkuasa berbanding GoPro Hero 2 Antara ciri-ciri yang menarik tentangnya yang anda perlu tahu ialah:

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Being able to fire off 30 frames in a second, the GoPro Hero3+ Black and the Hero4 Black and Silver are going to give you a better chance of capturing that moment first-time than the 10 fps of the Hero3+ Silver.