Google Shopping Expressは、アメリカのとで試験的に開始されています。

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  • The new feature which Google has been adding to Google shopping is listing of product types and not images of the product which is searched. These ads turn the related links into visual cues which leads the searcher deeper into Google shopping. When a user searches for a single word query, Google’s product-type ads help in determining the intent of the user. Like if someone searches for “shoes”, how can Google decides whether the user wants to know which shoes to buy or where to buy shoes from. Thus if the user wants to buy any product online using Google shopping the product type ads which display icons and navigational tools draw user inside Google Shopping and away from organic search.

    The store, to be called The Google shop, will sell the company’s range of Android phones and tablets, Chromebook laptops, and Chromecast TV services. The shop will hold tutorials showing consumers how to use the devices and hold demonstrations showing off key Google apps.

  • Since the initialization of monetizing Google Shopping campaign the placement of search results which are related to Google shopping are finding new positions of being displayed in the SERPs. According to the analysis of initially when Google Shopping was in the initial stages the search results of Google shopping were placed immediately after the paid results. However now these results of Google shopping are placed in the top right side of the window. Still the proper placement of these results is in flux. So in the coming months we can expect to see different positions of these results in the SERPs.

    Till few months back the Google Product Search was a free service provided by Google. Now with that service being transformed to Google Shopping, the service will start costing e-commerce sites. The vendors would have to pay handsome amount to Google for submitting their products on Google for selling. It is first instant when Google has converted a free service to pay-for-placement model.

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    Google believes that once the payment comes into play companies will better manage their data feeds. Organizations will keep upto date the prices or the latest offers. All this would mean better shopping results for users. Effect on low resource e-commerce site would be high because Google shopping would end the free source of traffic for them.

Did not work for large Google Shopping feed

You have the correct currency specified in your data feed. However, when a customer clicks on the link from Google Shopping, it shows the default currency instead of the correct currency.