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  • TAG : And never had Duane bestrode a gamer, swifter, stancher beast.
  • Thanks to my social networking, I have watched and participated in conversations involving such concepts. Through these conversations, I have been shown just how bad the ignorance has started (or continued) to spread. A surge of Gamers, who only like to play the popular games, or generic titles such as Modern Warfare, Halo, FIFA, Madden, etc. and not playing anything more than such. For a long time, I always spoke as if they were not appropriate of the title of Gamer as it wasn’t their passion, but more a casual interest. I wasn’t the only one to cast the vote of rejection their way, many Hard Core Gamers have shouted their cries and many other vulgar obscenities their way.

    Now how can I, as someone trying to unite all Gamers under one banner and elevate them, do so in all good conscious while being ignorant myself?

  • While it has always been my goal in life to educate the ignorant and elevate the status of Gamer to be in better standing, I found myself becoming apart of the ignorant group of people but on my own side, something I never realized happened until quite recently.

    Gamer: Someone who enjoys and loves video games on any level. Someone who collects all the collector’s editions and has a collection hailing back to 1989, but also someone who just enjoys playing Call of Duty or Madden with his/her friends of themselves.

    Tier Title Gamer points
    1 Skillz (1) 1,000
    2 Pro Skillz (2) 2,000
    3 Numchuck Skillz (3) 4,000
    4 Mad Skillz (4) 7,000
    5 Über Micro Skillz (5) 12,000
    6 Gosu Skillz (6) 20,000
    7 1337 Skillz (7) 32,500
    8 iddqd Skillz (8) 50,000
    9 T3h Haxz0rz Skillz (9) 70,000
    10 Pure Pwnage Skillz (10) 90,000
    11 These skillz go to (11) 110,000
    12 Real Ultimate Power Skillz (12) 135,000

  • But it seems not even gamers think games are art, because if they did they wouldn’t demand that games obey the rules or that they behave a certain way. You cannot expect things from art, or demand art to behave. You certainly can’t demand perfection of game mechanics whilst also demonising those who wish to critique the sexist or racist elements of a game.

"There ain't a gamer old bird in the valley than Pop," Jeff cried.

The economic logic of Slayer also brilliantly exemplifies neoliberal governance. Money is generated not just from the gamers who pay to control the killers, but also from the millions of pay-per-view subscribers who watch the combat live on TV or on the Web. The film revels in its reaction shots of enormous crowds of yuppies, in cities around the world, watching Slayer unfold on enormous screens. They cheer each spectacular display of violence, and react with baffled anger whenever something goes wrong with the feed. (They feel entitled.