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  • And as if that weren't enough, the community is incredibly helpful when it comes to recommendations. See a great sale on a game you've never heard of? Hit up the /r/gamedeals comment section for that particular sale. Many community members will chip in impromptu reviews of the games on sale, while others might alert you to a better deal on the same game happening over on a different site.

    You can also filter /r/gamedeals by site, or have it show only deals of a specific type of game—"console," for instance, or "worldwide" if you're outside of the United States and are sick of clicking on region-specific deals.

  • There are also dotted throughout the year. These are less predictable, and again, I recommend checking /r/gamedeals most days. But Steam usually hits most big American holidays in addition to the blockbuster Summer and Holiday Sales—Easter/Spring, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. These sales typically aren't as lengthy nor as extensive as the two tentpole sales, but they're big enough to pay attention to especially if you've been holding off on new releases.

    But /r/gamedeals gathers up everything, from all the major PC game stores: , , , , , , , and a bunch of others. Furthermore, every retailer listed on /r/gamedeals is a guaranteed reputable seller. That means no shady scam sites offering to sell you games real cheap, only to take your money and run. You can trust that every deal you see on /r/gamedeals is legitimate.

  • I check /r/gamedeals every single morning around 10:30 PST. Why? Because that's right after Steam's new deals go up every day, and typically around the time Humble Bundles—which offer multiple games at a pay-what-you-want price—start also. (More on Humble Bundles later.)

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