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Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black

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  • I love my new food scale! It is a great product at a fair price and I can't believe I waited so long to buy one. I would definitely recommend this scale to a friend.

    This scale is just wonderful. It is accurate and changes easily between pounds & grams. You can put a plate on it, zero it out and start at 0 to weigh your food. It is smaller than I pictured but that makes it easier to keep out on the counter all the time. I am very happy with this food scale and recommend it highly!! :)

  • Stock up your kitchen with essential tools like food scales to measure ingredients to perfection before cooking or baking. We offer a set of digital food scales that can help you cook and bake food effortlessly. Easy reading and easy to clean, make these scales a smart addition to any kitchen. Use our assortment of like ramekins, casseroles, oval gratins and more to make quick, easy and delicious meals. Complement your homemade meals with fresh and tasty bread, made at home in our array of easy to use .

    Food scales are the perfect way to keep track of your diet. Digital scales, electronic scales and stainless steel scales with handy bowls attached give you all the help you need to stay healthy.

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    Many recipes call for measurement of ingredients by weight rather than volume. In this case, you'll need a kitchen scale to help you measure ingredients accurately. While it is possible to estimate weight using volume measurements, the more accurate you measure, the better. Food scales can also be useful for people on special diets. There are multiple styles of kitchen scales available on the market. To find the right kitchen scale for you, read the following fact sheet and learn more about the different types of kitchen scales.

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Suddenly, I could produce consistent results when baking bread, cakes, and cookies. I wanted to believe that I had discovered a deep, dark secret known only to renowned pastry chefs, but it was too simple. At first, I found it hard to believe that weighing the ingredients instead of using measuring cups could make such a marked difference in the consistency and texture of my baked goods. I had grown up thinking that measuring cups were the only tool necessary for accurate measuring. Now my use of a food scale was turning that belief on its head.