• Product Name: Lacie 301285K 500GB External Hard Drives

The LaCie USB 3.0 rugged external hard drive will hit the stores in May and will retail for $150.]

WD 1TB Black My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBGPU0010BBK-NESN

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  • Seagate® portable external hard drives deliver sleek and reliable storage you can easily take on the go — from basic add-on storage to high performance drives for your PC or your Mac.

    Seagate® portable external hard drives deliver sleek and reliable storage you can easily take on the go — from basic add-on storage to high performance drives for your PC or your Mac.

  • Thunderbolt is becoming a common standard in professional-grade systems from manufacturers as diverse as Apple, Dell, and HP. We see Thunderbolt as a niche player, mainly in higher-end desktop and mobile workstations, where you need to transfer a lot of data quickly. Its newest iteration is Thunderbolt 3, which uses the same connector and cables as USB-C. It doubles the throughput ceiling to 40Gbps, but both the external drive and your computer must be Thunderbolt 3-compatible to get the most out of this new interface.

    There are a few main things to consider when selecting a hard drive: decide first if you want an internal or external hard drive. Then, figure out how often you save items and how much space you will be taking up. Finally, whatever the size and style, always go for the fastest hard drive you can afford. You can do this by comparing the speed between units.

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    320GB Portable Hard Drive

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    500GB External Hard Drive

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    LaCie 500GB Rugged Hard Drive

    2.0 External Hard Drive


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    500GB External Portable Hard


    500GB External Hard Drive

  • If you are looking for a large external hard drive, I would take a hard look at the Seagate FreeAgent Pro 1TB drive.  With 1TB of space, it’ll be awhile before you run out of it.  This drive runs at 7,200 RPM with interfaces for USB, Firewire, and eSATA.  The only downside to it, is that they do not provide any SATA cables with it.  Not sure why they chose to do this.  You can find this drive for around $250.00.

    If you don’t need quite that much space, take a look at the Seagate FreeAgent Pro 320GB drive.  You can pick up one of these for around $100.00.  That’s a pretty good price for a drive this size. 

    Seagate FreeAgent Pro 1TB 3.5" External Hard Drive

    If you prefer Western Digital, the My Book Studio 320GB by Western Digital is another solid choice at around $135.00.  This drive runs at 7,200 RPM, so you won’t have to worry about speed.  The Western Digital drive has USB, Firewire and eSATA connections, but again, no SATA cable included.

    Western Digital My Book Studio 320GB 3.5" External Hard Drive

    If you want something portable, check out the Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB drive.  The drive measures 5” x 3.2” x .6” and connects through USB. This is a 2.5” drive like you would find in a laptop.  You’ll pay a bit more for the portability; this drive runs around $135.00.

    Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB 2.5" External Hard Drive

    Another great portable drive is the Seagate FreeAgent Go 120GB drive.  This measures 4.8” x 3.9” x .7”, and is also a USB connection.  This drive can be had for around $80.00, or you can get its big brother for around $100.00, with 160GB of storage. I have used this drive for almost a year. Have never had any problems with it.

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