I would like to purchase an EMTA modem rather than renting one.

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  • I have a decent user owned modem w/ wifi that's less than a year old and just recently added Xfinity voice to my plan. The modem is not equipped for voice service. Is there some kind of equipment I can purchase to handle the phone side of the service, only, without having to get a new $200 eMTA modem for everything?

    I am going to purchase a replacement modem for use on my Comcast Internet account.

    I know I need DOCSIS 3.0. My company has provided me with a Cisco VOiP phone that ties into the company phone system.

    Do I need EMTA or will a modem without EMTA do the job? I won't be using Comcast voice.

    If I do get an EMTA capable modem, do I connect my phone using an ethernet connection or is there a special connect for EMTA?

  • With regard to EMTA:

    You do not need a modem with EMTA, as the Cisco VoIP phone will plug directly into an Ethernet port and not an EMTA (telephone) port. If you did happen to go with an EMTA modem, it will not interfere with the Cisco phone.

    Be sure to check the Comcast website for compatible modems.

    About to return my wireless/router/eMTA modem but don't want two modems, one TW provided for phone and one customer provded for data. The phone rep just told me that I could purchase my own to do both, but that doesn't seem to be the case after reading these messages.

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  • eMTA stands for "embedded multimedia terminal adapter." An eMTA modem combines the functionality of a modem and a phone adapter in one device. eMTAs are used by customers that subscribe to TWC Phone so that one device is able to provide both Internet and phone service.

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It is my understanding that the only user owned EMTA modem comcast supports is the Arris TM722G and it must be purchased through a comcast kiosk at best buy.