What does the 4 yr. service plan on the Dyson DC33 cover?

Dyson DC33 – 240 Watts

Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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  • The Dyson DC33 vacuum did a great job on the hardwood floor cleaning up the small particles. Make sure to turn off the brush bar for hard floors. We once again used oatmeal for the large particle test, and this was sucked up right away as well.

    Dyson DC33 Bagless Upright vacuum cleaner features Root Cyclone technology. This technology ensures that powerful suction is your every time you clean the floors. No matter how many times you use the vacuum, no matter how much dirt it picks up the suction power remains the same time after time, never letting you down. And, with no bags to replace and a lifetime filter, you can always count on an easy-to-use vacuum that gets the job done. When the filter gets dirty, simply clean with water and you are ready to vacuum once again. For anyone who hates to get their hands dirty and all of the mess picked up from the floors in their face the Dyson ensures this does not happen.

  • Selecting vacuum cleaners can be scary due to the multitude of alternatives available. The Dyson DC24 Animal and Dyson DC33 are good choices for homeowners and housekeepers alike. The DC24 Animal shines...

    Buying vacuum cleaners is often a chore for consumers. There are a plethora of models to sift through and each model has its own merits. The Dyson DC33 and Dyson DC39 are capable models for neat freaks...

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  • The Dyson DC33 is another one of Dyson’s fixed wheel vacuum cleaners and is very similar to its cousin the DC28. Along with the 28, the DC33 is one of the more powerful vacuum cleaners in the Dyson range. Actually when comparing it to the DC28, the DC33 is slightly less powerful at 240W versus the DC28′s 245W but both of these are significantly more powerful than the DC25 which has 220W.

Dyson DC33 Vacuum Repair Parts & Tools

When researching the Dyson DC33 once again we found that the price can vary from place to place and that buying it online usually turned out to be cheaper than buying offline. Amazon offers significant discount rates (plus free shipping!) compared to other online retailers for many of the Dyson vacuums.