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Philips Fidelio AS351/37 Bluetooth Android Speaker Dock (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • The Philips Fidelio Docking Speakers are the first docking speakers for Android smartphones and tablets and they are quite impressive. Firstly, the dock offers a micro USB in order to connect the phone and features a unique flexidock in order to adjust the micro USB port for ALL Android devices. Whether the USB port on your phone is on the side, on the top or on the bottom, the flexidock will easily connect your phone. Secondly, the speakers offer wireless Audio Playback using Bluetooth and pairing the device to the Dock takes less than a minute.

    So to approach the Philips AS351/37 Fidelio Docking Speaker for Android without prejudice, lets get the most telling feature of the hardware out of the way: the dock connector is made to fit that of Android-based mobile devices. Which means that Apple needn’t apply. Of course, like pretty much all docks out there, a mini-jack audio line input is available to take the audio signal from pretty much any audio device that has a jack. ‘Nuff said about this then.

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    The Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker, AS351/37B, is designed to deliver superb sound for Android Smartphones in style. You can dock your Android-powered phone with this refurbished black Philips docking system to play and charge your phone while you charge a second device via USB. The Philips docking speaker for Android devices comes with Songbird for easy synchronization of music between your phone and PC. The refurbished black Philips docking station also offers Bluetooth networking for music streaming. With its compact design, the Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker, AS351/37B Fidelio, can fit easily in small spaces, and it has AC or battery power options, so it is conveniently portable. This refurbished black Philips docking system is well-suited to take on vacation or to use while traveling.

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