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The MQ71 Voice-Activated Digital Voice Recorder Pen with USB 2.0 download capability of..

SONY ICD PX333 Digital Voice Recorder

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  • What makes this Digital Voice Recorder “the best”? According to Hammacher, this digital voice recorder gives superior playback clarity at distance. Testing of this digital voice recorder was done at 20 feet away from a source and proved to have better sound clarity then any others that were tested along side. It achieves this with a variable control voice actuator which can set the correct volume level to record at.

    2.5 minutes - Digital voice recorder with built-in speaker, timer, large LCD screen, built-in microphones and quick review. Hold this valuable, handy device wherever you go and easily record your ideas, messages, shopping lists and appointments.

  • Capturing that crucial moment -- whether it's an important interview quote, a college lecture you're going to be quizzed on later, or that new song your band just worked out at practice -- is hard to do without a reliable digital voice recorder. But finding the right voice recorder, whatever your purpose, can be a challenge. There's a dizzying array of voice recorders out there, each with its own special features and unique strengths and weaknesses. The most common digital voice recorder types can be broken down into three categories.

    With advanced sound recording features and flexible storage options, this ICD-AX412 digital voice recorder offers everything you need to confidently capture audio in a variety of settings—from live lectures and concert hall performances, to your personal desk-side dictations.


    Digital voice recorder


    Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries




    Sonority software




    KP-22 USB connection cable

  • V - Box
    Features: a) Compatible with DISEqC 1.2 receiver b) 48 programmable memories c) Easy operation and q...

    Digital Voice Recorder
    Features: a) Pen - shaped design for convenient operation b) Recording time: 4 to 122 hours c) Voice...

    Recording Photo Frame with FM Radio & Alarm Clock
    Features: a) Built - in IC recorder can record a 15 - second greeting to accompany your favorite ...

    Key Holder GH2117
    Features: a) Records and plays an about 15 - second voice memo b) A LCD countdown timer with clock...

    Pocket Video Recorder
    Features: a) The kit includes one MPEG4 DVR and one camera both built in 2.4GHz wireless modules. T...

    Multi Function Fully integrate the function of MP3 player, E - dictionary, digital repeat machine, d...


    Mid-range voice recorders. For between $75 and $150 or so, you can get some of the best of both worlds, assuming you don't need all of the extra functions of the top-tier pro devices. Many mid-range digital voice recorders are equipped with powerful mics that still get great sound; a decent -- albeit smaller -- range of extra features; and a more portable, user-friendly design than their tech-heavy brethren. These audio recorders tend to be good choices for recording music performances and practices, speeches and presentations, and interviews.

Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Voice Recorder

At the second stage – Free download the digital voice recorder recovery software ( or ) and install on your PC. Then connect the mass storage device to the computer. Then open the software, you'll see the GUI like below.