Yamaha's "compact and stylish digital piano"

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In this video below you c an hear the great sound of the Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano.

Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano

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  • A digital piano is designed to be a modern alternative to the old acoustic piano. It is made to look, sound, and feel like a traditional piano, while offering features that are not available in the older version of the instrument. A good digital piano should be portable or at least not too inconvenient to move, feel like an acoustic piano when being played, should offer a high maximum polyphony, and be compatible with other devices like computers. While more expensive models usually come with more features and options, the pricing is not the only to be considered when choosing which digital piano to buy.

    The table below shows some of our favorite choices for digital pianos in several categories. These represent best of class, best reviewed, and best overall value options from our experience.

  • This fancy term is actually quite simple: It’s the number of individual notes the digital piano can produce at one time. The best way to understand this is to wander over to your local and find one of those eight-key, Fisher-Price keyboards for $16.99. Play a three-note chord. Chances are, only one of the notes will sound. This keyboard has a maximum polyphony of “one.”

    It is easy to confuse the digital piano with the electric and the electronic. Those are three different versions of the instrument. While they may share some common features, the big difference is in how they work and how they produce sound.

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    Instead, focus on the quality of the dozen basic sounds you will actually use. If you’re lucky enough to be trying a digital piano near a real one, test the bass notes on both. Do they both have a rich, full sound? Try the electric keyboard setting—does it sound whiny and brittle or soft and smooth?

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Digital piano polyphonies are like soul mates: You need standards, but you can’t demand perfection. Turn your nose straight up at anything under a 32-note maximum polyphony: 64 is acceptable; 128 is typically best; 256 is probably a marketing gimmick.