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Dell Latitude E6420 Premium-Built 14.1-Inch Business Laptop (Intel Core i5 2.5GHz with 3.2G Turbo Frequency, 4G RAM, 128G SSD, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Certified Refurbished)...

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  • Dell computer company history has evolved in unprecedented and unexpected ways; and still continues to evolve. However, the one element that has remained a constant through out the time line is Dell's mission is to be the world's most successful computer company delivering the best customer service and customer experience.

    In 2007 items from the Dell computer company history were celebrated as national treasures when Dell Inc. donated a collection of original computers and materials to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

  • This is a research profile for the Dell Computer Company, including the Dell , statistics, facts, and history information about Dell. Find out more about founder Michael Dell with information about Dell's bio, philosophies, and strategies for building the Dell brand and business.

    Michael Dell's visionary leadership and business strategy guided the young computer company to change with the times and cater directly to the unique, needs and demands of consumers. One of the most innovative ventures undertaken early in the Dell computer company history was the creation of a national customer support center that offered maintenance, trouble shooting, servicing and . At the time, no other computer companies offered such customized, responsive, customer-oriented product services.

  • The Dell Computer company became famous for its build-your-own-computer Internet marketing strategy which built the value of the Dell Computer brand with computer consumers seemingly overnight.

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Ironically, the incredible financial success achieved so early in the time-line of the Dell computer company history actually served as one the biggest obstacles. The biggest challenges the company faced were keeping up with the increasing demand for , while keeping overhead low.