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  • While a deep freeze works well for those extra garden veggies (I’m partial to freezing in-season corn cut off the cob), it’s also handy for those of us who lean to our carnivore side. I remember as a kid my folks buying 1/2 a cow for 4 of us – it lasted quite a while. I recently bought 1/4 of a cow for 3 of us. The price per pound was substantially less than we would have paid for the same meat at the grocery.

    Since our meal planning article initially ran, I’ve received dozens of e-mails asking if my husband and I use a deep freezer in addition to the refrigerator/freezer we have in our kitchen. We currently don’t have one, but it is something we discuss a couple times a month. (What? You don’t have such sexy conversations with your partner/roommate/friends/spouse?) One of the questions we’ve been trying to answer is if the expense of the deep freezer plus the cost of the electrical energy to run it is less than the amount we spend buying in smaller portions and driving more frequently to our butcher and local market.

  • A deep freezer is a must. We recently bought one a month ago. My wife will be delivering soon and it is now full of good meal we just have to shove in the over and enjoy :-)
    On top of that, you can buy all sort of ice cream (my favorites are the chocolate bars series) :D

    I believe the life span to be a bit longer also. We have a 21cf stand up deep freezer that sits in our garage. To say I do not take care of it or do any preventitve maintenance would be an understatement (I am lazy). We purchased it about ten years ago and placed it in the garage and there it has set.
    I have 4 kids, so it gets opened quite a bit, for ice cream, popcicles, etc. The garage ranges in temperature from 8 to 120 degrees F, depending on the season of the year.
    I am expecting it to die at anytime, but so far have been pleased with its performance and storage. We tend to buy bread, chicken and beef in bulk (Costco/bread store) and it is great to have the freezer available.

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    Then, a PR guy from Frigidaire sent me a press release, and instantly I could ask someone all of my weird deep freezer questions. (I am certain this guy thinks I am one of the strangest contacts he’s ever made.)

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