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Deal: My Three Decades of Drumming, Dreams, and Drugs with the Grateful Dead

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  • TAG : My first interactions with God, were just a bunch of deals and vows.
  • Well, the daily deals are still flowing but the news today is of some reality becoming part of the picture. That reality speaks of expansion that may have been a bit too rapid and business experience that was definitely lacking.

    On the first front rapid expansion by daily deal site Living Social is resulting in a rumored layoff of 400 people which is about 8% of the current work force. The reports

  • LivingSocial Inc. is slated to launch a major round of layoffs Thursday, with as many as 400 job cuts expected across its U.S. workforce, according to sources with knowledge of the daily deal giant’s plans.

    As they reduce the number of boxes in the game they are losing some of the different amounts of money in each box. At various points in the game they will be made a deal based on the amounts that are left. If they don’t accept the deal then they will eventually end up with two boxes, the one that they have and the one other remaining box. They know the two amounts of money that the boxes contain, but not which of the two amounts is in their box.

    present tense
    present participledealing
    past tensedealt
    past participledealt

  • Present
    I deal
    you deal
    he/she/it deals
    we deal
    you deal
    they deal

    Enterprise software provider Oracle Corp. (ORCL:Quote) agreed Monday to acquire IT solutions provider Micros Systems, Inc. (MCRS: Quote) for $68.00 per share in an all-cash deal valued at about $5.3 billion.

Each player is dealt five cards.

“It’s an important philosophy, not just for Fred and Ger, but for every DoneDeal employee,” said John, adding that they don’t just look it as giving back to the community, they also look on it as a benefit of working for DoneDeal.