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LOVE crock pots, so many awesome things to make with them! I realllyyyyy want a kitchenaid stand mixer!

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker, 6-Quart

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  • Slow cookers are also perfect for preparing less expensive and/or tougher cuts of meat, such as chuck roasts, chuck steaks, beef stew meat, venison, or any other variety of meat that contains a lot of connective tissue and collagen. The longer cooking times utilized by crock pots and similar appliances results in a breakdown of that unpleasant tissue, thereby tenderizing the meat and making it significantly more palatable.

    If I can think of a gift that can be given to an entire family unit, I buy it. I shop for my two sisters (married with kids), my brother (married with kids), and my parents. Last year each family received a mini crock pot with a recipe for my favorite crock pot dip. I love mini things, and these little crock pots are really fun. When my whole extended family was together at Christmas, we got them all out one night and set up a chocolate fondue buffet with everyone’s crock pots. Yum!

  • I’ve been looking at newer crock pots, but darn it, this one still works just fine. No, it’s not digital or programmable, but it does what I need a crock pot to do…effortlessly cook for me. So, I’m going to hold on to this one for at least a while longer.

    Alternate Idea: See below for the triple crock pot that I saw on the website. I think the triple crock pots might be even smaller than the single mini! Maybe somebody will get this for me this year (hint, hint Sewing Sister and Aunt B).

  • Crock pot cooking has come a long way since the era of little flowered crock pots and some surprising dishes are being created and served for more than just dinner. Check out some of the interesting and delicious crock pot recipes we found. Enjoy!

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While the Crock Pot may indeed have been the original slow cooker, as it advertises, it's not the only one on the market. So, next time someone refers to all slow cookers as "Crock Pots," you can remind them not all slow cookers are Crock Pots, just like not all cotton swabs are Q-Tips, not all flying discs are Frisbees and not all tape is Scotch. But you knew all that already.