Av create Mai Microsoft account but is not working

How To Create Microsoft Account In Windows 8

If you don't have a Microsoft account, see
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Create Microsoft Account

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  • My friend did install Windows 8 for me. However, as he said, he has just create a local account for me. Somebody tell me that using Microsoft account instead of local account will give me many benefits from Microsoft cloud as Apple cloud. Nguyen, how do I create Microsoft account in Windows 8 with my Gmail account?

    Now we will try to switch from local account to Microsoft account. There is a button named “Switch to a Microsoft account” near the top. That’s it. Click on it to start progress of creating Microsoft account.

  • You can always create Microsoft account without credit card. A credit card is NOT an obligatory condition. But if you plan to purchase software at Windows Store or games for Xbox, you should add a billing method to your account (a credit card or PayPal).

    At the bottom of the Create a Microsoft account window is link to “Sign in without a Microsoft account“, this might be a little hard to see since Microsoft is using purple text on a purple background:

  • If you ever need to change the settings of a previously created Microsoft Account, you can click “More account settings online” to do so.

Microsoft Account: Creating a Microsoft Account

By default, the above screen prompts you to enter an email so that you create a Microsoft account. If you wish to create a Microsoft account, enter your email address and click on the Next button. If the email address is not an existing Microsoft account you will be prompted to register one. When the registration process is completed, Microsoft will send an email to the inputted email address. In this email will be a link that you need to click on in order to verify that you want this Microsoft account used on this computer.