5. How to connect a computer to the TV?

how to connect computer to smart tv

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  • With the rise of internet streaming, video downloads, MP3 playing and , more of us can enjoy all of our media files on a personal computer. But some of us are not so keen on the tiny PC screen that can be found on a laptop and some desktops. So how do you connect your computer to the TV set and enjoy some big screen action?

    You can connect a computer to a TV either with cables or via wireless. The best method to choose depends on the types of connections your TV supports as well as your budget for purchasing additional hardware.

  • If your laptop has s-video output it is the easiest and least expensive way to connect it to a television and enjoy downloaded videos from Netflix, Hulu or other download sites. S-video is just one way of connecting computer to tv. Other PC to TV connections including using a desktop computer or the favorite method: connect laptop to tv. Connecting a laptop to tv can be done in many different ways.

    It is however important to ask your local dealer whether the method you are planning to use will be compatible to both your computer and TV. Where you cannot find relevant information locally, you can make use of internet and you will get relevant information in the internet. Next time you plan buying a computer or a TV, have this information since it can help you having a computer or a T that can serve other purpose. Hope this information will help you in connecting your computer to the TV.

  • Here, use of VGA card works better on HDTV. The advantage of VGA cables is because of the quality of projection it produces. VGA is much superior in terms of quality as compared to S-Video. VGA option of connecting computer to TV is only applicable to HDTV. Make your choice wisely to determine whether you have a HDTV before going for this option.

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