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  • In 2013, children’s access to computers at home and their home Internet use was positively related to household income. At that time, 49 percent of children in households with incomes of less than $15,000 had access to a computer at home, compared with 94 percent of children in households with incomes of $75,000 or more. () Children’s Internet use at home followed a similar pattern, ranging from 33 to 71 percent. ()

    White and Asian/Pacific Islander children are more likely to have access to a computer at home (87 and 91 percent, respectively, in 2013) than are black or Hispanic children (65 and 66 percent, respectively). White and Asian/Pacific Islander children are also more likely to use the Internet at home (64 and 62 percent, respectively) than are black or Hispanic children (48 and 47 percent, respectively). ()

  • There is little evidence that having a computer at home improves student’s academic performance, or narrows achievement gaps associated with race or socio-economic status. To the contrary, the available evidence suggests that widespread provision of home computers would have negative effects on academic achievement overall.

    The simplified integration of computer and home theater displays has allowed for fully digital content distribution over the internet. For instance, by 2007 subscribers could view streaming content using their HTPCs with a browser or with plug-ins with applications like Plex and XBMC. Similar plug-ins are also available for , , and broadcasters like , and .

  • With this computer home based business you decide whether you want to work only with with whom you'll meet face-to-face, on a worldwide or nationwide basis offering your services virtually from home all the time, or a combination of both.

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Building websites is a great computer related home based business because the Internet continues to expand and grow. As the number of home based businesses grows, your client base expands, too. As you get knowledgeable and build a great , you can service larger business clients from the comfort of your home office, too.