Chromebook vs Tablet – Your Options

Murphy has more photos of the concept Google Chrome OS tablet and even a video that shows this concept tablet in action.

Chromo Inc Tablet - 7 inch HD touchscreen Android Tablet - Updated with TUV quality certification - White

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    Google is building a Chrome OS tablet. It’s real, and it’s being built by HTC. No surprise there, since HTC churned out the Nexus One for Google.

  • Firefox and Chrome on tablets are still no real alternative to Internet Explorer. In addition to the weaknesses already described, two practical functions of the Microsoft browser are missing.

    The AOL-owned Download Squad told the world that Google, Taiwanese hardware manufacturer HTC, and US wireless carrier Verizon will launch a Chrome OS tablet on November 26, and now, the Israel-based Haaretz claims that the so-called “gPad” will include multitouch technology from Israeli outfit N-trig, whose tech is currently used in Windows tablets from HP.

    Verizon has publicly said that it’s working on a Google tablet, but it has not indicated when this is likely to arrive and it has not said what operating system it will run. It may run Android, which is slowly moving form phones onto tablets and other larger devices.

  • Despite stories from the Download Squad and Haaretz, The Reg finds it hard to believe that any sort of Chrome OS tablet will arrive this fall. Chances are, as the company puts out patches on the open Chromium OS code tree, it has its own tree that is hidden from the public. But the company has been quite adamant that Chrome OS netbooks will arrive before other form factors. That said, the company has mocked up ideas for Chrome OS tablets and these have been shared publicly.

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The writing has been on the wall for Google to take a second stab at mobile with Chrome OS. It all started in 2009 with Sergey Brin's , "Android and Chrome will likely converge over time." In late 2012, hinted at a Chrome tablet.