With Google Chromebooks, price really does make all the difference.

with a touch screen, it would have been perfect (for the coming android apps on chromebooks).

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ 11.6-Inch Laptop (Intel Celeron N2840 Dual-Core Processor,2 GB RAM,16 GB Solid State Drive,Chrome), White

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  • In 2015, Chromebooks, by sales volume (to companies in the US), are second after Windows based devices (with Android tablets, overtaking Apple's devices in 2014): "Chromebook sales through the U.S. B2B channels increased 43 percent during the first half of 2015, helping to keep overall B2B PC and tablet sales from falling. [..] Sales of Google OS-equipped (Android and Chrome) devices saw a 29 percent increase over 2014 propelled by Chromebook sales, while Apple devices declined 12 percent and Windows devices fell 8 percent." As of December 2015, Chromebooks accounted for 51% of devices used in K-12 classroom settings in the United States.

    In January 2015, Silviu Stahie noted in that Chromebooks were eating into Microsoft's market share. He said "Microsoft is engaged in a silent war and it's actually losing. They are fighting an enemy that is so insidious and so cunning that it's actually hurting the company more than anything else. The enemy is called Chromebooks and they are using Linux...There is no sign that things are slowing down and Microsoft really needs a win, and soon if it wants to remain relevant."

  • During the first 11 months of 2013, 1.76 million Chromebooks sold in the United States, representing 21% of the U.S. commercial business-to-business laptop market. During the same period in 2012, Chromebooks sold 400,000 units and had a negligible market share.

    In April 2013, Intel said that its chips will be used in a series of inexpensive touchscreen laptops primarily running Google's . The move would create a direct competitor to Chromebooks (as well as laptops) using Google's other operating system. A year later, the product category had not gained traction.

  • By January 2013, Acer's Chromebook sales were being driven by "heavy Internet users with educational institutions", and the platform represented 5-10 percent of the company's U.S. shipments, according to Acer president Jim Wong. He called those numbers sustainable, contrasting them with low sales which he blamed for a slump in the market. Wong said that the company would consider marketing Chromebooks to other developed countries, as well as to corporations. He noted that although Chrome OS is free to license for hardware vendors, it has required greater marketing expenditure than Windows, offsetting the licensing savings.

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Nice write up. Now that the Chromebook fever hasn’t really caught up with people here in India who prefers Windows just even if their main job is just browsing, media access or may be gaming. I have been planning for quite some time to get hands on some of the affordable Chromebooks but the pricing really hasn’t been able to attract me as they do charge a bit heft as compared to in States. Over viewing a few, I am caught up between HP Chromebook 14 with CDC processor and the another that runs on Nvidia Tegra K1 chipset. Acer C720 is also a great buy. Apart from Flipkart there isn’t another option and most of the time they are out of stock. Just help me figure out which one would be the best option for the bucks spent on the Chromebooks.