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Winware 8 Qt Stainless Steel Chafer, Full Size Chafer

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  • Chafing dishes found in the ruins of Pompeii prove that this style of cookery is nothing new. Used to warm or cook food, a chafing dish consists of a container (today, usually metal) with a heat source directly beneath it. The heat can be provided by a candle, electricity or solid fuel (such as Sterno). There's often a larger dish that is used as a water basin (like the bottom of a double boiler) into which the dish containing the food is placed. This prevents food from burning.

    We offer traditional, roll top, and induction capable chafer dishes in standard, soup, and disposable types to meet your every need. These dishes come in stainless steel, brass, gold, and several other finishes, which means you can choose one to match your decor or event theme. A few of them are also dishwasher safe for easy and convenient cleaning.

  • Chafing dishes are designed to hold food at its ideal serving temperature without using electricity. The compact design and lightweight construction of chafer dishes make them easy to transport, which means they are perfect for caterers. You can also use chafer dishes at banquets, buffets, restaurants, office lunchrooms, and cafeterias.

    Depending on your needs, you can find a food warmer in a size just right for you. Chafing dishes come in full-size and half-size, as well as round, which can fall in the middle of the full and half sizes.

    Chafing Dish Induction - Round - Glass L

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  • Chafing Dish Induction - Square Stand On

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    • Induction: A more recent spin on cooking, an induction chafing dish utilizes a portable induction range to keep your food heated. The great thing about induction is it only heats the chafer and area underneath it, which eliminates the hazards of an open flame or stray electrical cords.

Chafing Dish Stainless Steel - 180 Degree Roll Top (Rectangular)

A chafer dish is the perfect product for any caterer, hotel, or restaurant. Each of these dishes are designed with fuel holders that keep fuel at its perfect height, which means your food will be kept at the perfect holding temperature. Whether you choose economy, mid-range, high-end, or high-end induction options, you’re sure to be satisfied with your new chafer dish. For related products, check out our , , and .