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  • With a library of wonderful experiences out now, access to an ever-expanding eShop of upcoming indies and classic games from previous Nintendo consoles, and a very bright future, 2015 is a great year to finally buy a Wii U.

    I believe I will be buying Pokemon Y and getting Pokemon X for free to give to my brother. I also plan to buy the Wii U Pro controller, seeing as I am planning to purchase a Wii U in about two weeks.

  • P.S. After writing this, I realized that I left off the most important reason to buy a Wii U: Earthbound. One of the greatest games of all time is on the Wii U virtual console, and if you have a Wii U, you should buy it. If you don't have a Wii U, that's reason enough on it's own to buy one. I was going to replace this entire article with just the word "Earthbound," but I was asked not to by my boss.

    No, the Wii U can’t run games like Far Cry 4 or Assassin’s Creed Unity (looking as good as they do on PS4 or Xbox One, anyway), but that’s also the wrong reason to buy a Wii U. Look at the right reason–the system’s unmatchable first/second-party lineup–and the Wii U shines as a high-def platform in its own right.

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  • When you buy a Wii U, you're not investing in a vibrant platform that will see developer support for years to come. You're not getting the most powerful console out there. And you're not getting an all-in-one media solution that will help you cut the cord. But what you are getting, as we leave summer and head into the holiday season, is a great, relatively inexpensive system with some neat features and better exclusive games than either of its next-gen competitors.

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GAMINGWORLD - Where To Buy Wii U Someone in nintendo thought the wii u would sell 100 million units, It was only announced earlier this year that the playstation 4, which is comfortably beating the snot out of microsoft and nintendo in the current generation of consoles, had sold more than 40 million. it’s got nothing on the playstation 3 though, which. Someone at nintendo predicted 100m unit sales for wii u, To date nintendo’s wii u has sold 12.8m units since its release in 2012. it turns out that’s way, way less than at least one nintendo executive predicted. “in an internal sales representative meeting, someone projected that we would sell close to 100. Nintendo thought wii u would sell 100 million units: president kimishima, Nintendo president kimishima offered a new statement about wii u after being quoted for very, very pessimistic considerations regarding chances the almost old gen platform to be as successful as the original wii was back in the days. doing so, he revealed.