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" Best boost mobile phone". The phones are low end and run on the garbage Sprint network
LG G Stylo (Boost Mobile)
Too low to display
Boost Mobile Phone Number : Shorter Wait, Best Support

LG Tribute 5 (M1) - No Contract Phone (Boost Mobile)

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  • Like many other carriers, you'll find that there are a myriad of fantastic accessories for Boost phones. A good example of this is the phone charger. Of course, it's imperative for a person to be able to charge their phone, and you'll most definitely receive something of the ilk with a Boost Mobile phone accessories by MyCoolCell. While you're at it, there's a good chance that you'll want to stock up on phone cases, covers, bluetooth, and LCD screen protectors for your customers to buy also. As phones are becoming more important - and a bit more expensive! - the need for a sufficient case to protect it is absolutely imperative.

    Things like headsets, headphones, memory cards and car chargers are also available for the Boost Mobile phones currently on the market. With our excellent prices in wholesale accessories, you'll be able to receive exactly what you're looking for at a fraction of the price, so register for a reseller account today, and start ordering as soon as you gain access to the reseller's area.

  • As of November 2015, similar to , many Boost phones are capable of connecting to Sprint's LTE network, where all phone provisioning can effectively be accomplished through the alone. Nonetheless, Boost not only does not sell any SIM cards by themselves, but even specifically disallows any third-party phones (like the unlocked or ) to be brought onto their network, even if the customer does acquire a SIM card from an MVNO like on their own (since, as of November 2015, themselves does not sell any SIM cards, either), and has their ready (the traditional way by which provisioning of the phones takes place, still disallowed by Boost for third-party phones).

    The Boost Mobile brand was originally marketed to the teen and young adult demographics, heavily focused on action sports, lifestyle and urban music. Boost Mobile's past American advertising campaigns featured , , , , , , , , , and and used the slang slogan "Where you at?"[] In late 2007, a Boost Mobile commercial with , , and was released. The "Where you at?" slogan referenced the walkie-talkie feature on all Boost Mobile phones and later evolved to highlight a social GPS application that was available on selected Boost Mobile phones.[] Boost have also used driver in a commercial.

  • With "UNLIMITED" "UN-THROTTLE" 4G data
    ~ No Worries! ~
    Hey! Hey! Hey!!! Also 10 bucks a month Unlimited Tethering Too!
    Wow! Look at all those 4G Boost phones sold to good faith customers...

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Corning® Gorilla® Glass: Get an added level of protection when you choose a Boost Mobile phone with an extremely durable glass that offers impressive screen damage resistance.