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Double-DIN Bluetooth Car Stereo w/ MIXTRAX & Direct Pandora Control for iOS Devices

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  • Besides augmenting your ability to connect with the outside world through phone calls, Bluetooth car stereos can also enhance the environment inside a vehicle. Transmitters can be used to stream music from iPods, MP3 players and satellite radio straight into the stereo without creating a mess of tangled cords. Some car stereos can display video on full-color LCD displays, although this usually isn't an option when the car is moving. If you have some passengers in the back who could use a movie to settle down, lots of Bluetooth-enabled car stereos also come with the hookups needed to turn your vehicle into a mobile entertainment center. Connections for other devices like GPS navigators and USB flash drives are among other common fixtures.

    These innovations come almost as much out of necessity as convenience -- at least for people who can't stand being in the car without making a quick phone call. Many places now enforce laws limiting the use of cell phones while driving, and Bluetooth car stereos are one way to bridge the middle ground.

  • If all this talk about Bluetooth car stereos has you hooked, on the next page, you can read about some of the considerations you'll want to make before you head down to the electronics store.

    Looking to upgrade to the best? The which you can easily add a rear view reversing camera displayed on the large 6.2-inch screen. This top of the range Bluetooth Car Stereo also features Built-in Sat Nav on 8 GB MicroSD card.

    In-dash Bluetooth car stereo systems that have built-in Bluetooth capabilities offer uncompromised convenience. These car radios with Bluetooth units enable the user to talk hands-free on their cell phones while they are driving. In dash Bluetooth technology allows compatible electronic devices to talk to each other within a limited range. Bluetooth in the car allows a driver to talk on the phone without physically holding the phone. A Bluetooth car radio will also allow you to stream music from another portable Bluetooth device. Some of these Bluetooth stereos feature a built-in microphone while others have an external microphone. A Bluetooth car stereo is a must for anyone who does a lot of driving.

  • Some Bluetooth car stereos can store your phone's entire address book and other contact information; others have built-in phones which copy all the information off your phone's SIM card and take over the functions for calling. Your cell phone is disconnected from the piconet, not only saving its battery power but also providing a stronger connection.

How Bluetooth Car Stereos Work | HowStuffWorks

As a newly released Bluetooth car stereo receiver Sony MEXN5000BT stereo receiver features a whole range of modern techs to facilitate your music enjoyment and controlling in car space. It features Near Field Communications (NFC) technology for one touch connection with any compatible device. It will simultaneously pair up to two bluetooth devices for hands free phone calls even during audio streaming. The receiver provides complete access to your mobile devices. It provides both iOS and android apps for remote control of most internal functions from your smart phones. Sony MEXN5000BT CD Car Stereo Receiver also utilizes voice recognition function to let you use your phone more effectively. Android phone owners may even select audio sources and respond to massage or email vocally. Pandora internet radio and SiriusXM are also covered to broaden your music source choice. That would be extremely useful for a long trip. You can gain access to own Pandora account to enjoy the music you love at anytime, anywhere. With the front 5V/1A USB slot of Sony MEXN5000BT CD Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver you can charge the most mobile device, and any compatible audio device can be plugged into as another source. For performance, you will never feel easily disappointed with a Sony product.