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Sony BDPS3700 Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi (2016 Model)

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  • There is a blue ray DVD player made by many companies now, such as Sony, Panasonic, Corel, Betamax, Sylvania, Samsung, Pioneer, Philips, and Sharp, though there may be others out there.

    Technically, a standard DVD uses a 650 nanometer red laser, but Blu-ray uses a somewhat shorter wavelength, it is actually a 405 nm blue-violet laser, and thus it allows for close to six times more than on a standard DVD. Thus a blue ray DVD player can play for longer than the standard DVD player.

  • Either way, it appears that purchasing an existing Blu-ray technology blue ray DVD player may or may not be the best idea while each tries to outdo the other with “newer and better” technology. It’s actually still a gamble as to where the technology is heading.

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