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Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, Cardioid

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  • Blue Microphones is an audio production company that designs and produces , recording tools, signal processors, and music accessories for audio professionals, musicians and consumers.

    Blue Microphones was founded in 1995 by an American session musician, , and a Latvian recording engineer, . The company's name is an for . The company is headquartered in , , . Along with studio microphones, Blue has a line of consumer USB microphones, such as the Yeti, the first certified microphone, Snowball, the Snowflake, the Tiki and Mikey, the first High Definition microphone designed for use with 's .

  • Bluebird Microphone is a high quality from . Almost all microphones from Blue Microphones are designed for specific applications. In contrast, the Bluebird Microphone is suitable for wide range of usage such as general purpose microphone, , or s, etc.

    The Bluebird Microphone has large-diaphragm with metal mesh . At the base of the there is a male connector that can be connected to professional audio equipment using the supplied six meter 22 AWG cable. Also included with the BlueBird Microphone is a specially designed shockmount (the BirdCage) and metal mesh pop filter (the BirdNest). The BirdCage utilizes the American standard 5/8-inch thread microphone stand adapter. The Birdnest pop screen is 2.5 inch diameter with the large Blue logo on it and about 0.6 inch from the microphone.

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  • Blue Microphones' innovative line of mics are uniquely crafted and combine precision technology with cutting edge design. Blue Microphones mics are more than just a recording tool; they're an example of expression, quality, and value. Blue Microphones designs and manufactures all their own capsules, individually built and tuned by hand. There are no integrated circuits, and Blue's solid-state and tube amplifiers are based on a Class A, fully discrete circuit, employing a custom microphone transformer built to Blue specifications. This process helps achieve the unique sound quality that is the trademark of Blue Microphones!

    Capture vocals that stand out in the mix, express the true tone of your guitars, piano and percussion, and enhance the warmth of stringed instruments and brass—all with the Bluebird microphone.

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Blue Microphones: "the perfect analog devices for the digital age." This is the phrase Blue uses to describe its audio tools and with cutting-edge designs and custom sonic signatures it is hard to argue that the company produces anything else. The technology instilled in each microphone ensures the purest possible signal path with Class A fully discrete circuitry (i.e. no ICs, pads or filters). Blue microphones are specifically designed to fill designated roles to meet every recordist's needs.