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The best video digital camera list is limited to cameras with the 1080p (HDTV) recording format

Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder (Black)

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  • The high megapixel sensor and 4K capabilities are the main items that make this camera capture higher quality footage than the HC-V770. Other than that, the cameras are almost identical in all other features such as the tilt correction, WiFi, HDR, Multi Manual Dial, and even size and weight. Is the 4k worth the extra $300? That is dependent on your budget and what you can afford. To get the 4k footage quality on a TV, it must be 4k compatible. Eventually, these TVs will become more affordable and even standard, but until then, the benefits of 4k will be limited. The difference will only be noticeable side by side, and 4k will certainly take up more data space then 1080p. If your goal is to add the videos to internet sites such as YouTube, I predict some time before they play anything in 4k due to bandwidth and playback issues. Either way, if you want the best video camera for hunting under $1000, look no further than the Panasonic HC-V870!

    If you’re looking for a hunting video camera with the feel of a professional set up and the potential to add on several components to increase the level of footage you will capture, then this might be your best video camera for hunting.

  • Let’s get into the more serious stuff. If you’re a pro at what you do and need a piece of equipment to maintain your existing image and market value, you really do need the best video cameras available. And as you already know, it doesn’t get better than DSLRs in the world of cameras.

    To begin the list of the best small video cameras to buy, we start with the Panasonic PVGS320 that received 4 stars from its Amazon reviewers. It has a 10x optical zoom with a 3.1 megapixel still picture recording. For vivid color of fine detail, the Panasonic has a 3ccd MiniDV for recording.

  • The best small video cameras in 2013 can be found online and at your local electronic stores. These are worth checking out and comparing, but you can’t get much better than the ones mentioned. Panasonic has upgraded their quality of compact video cameras and Sony remains one of the top brands of small video cameras to purchase.

Best Small Video Camera in 2014 | Best Cameras for the Money

This page lists the broke down into different price ranges starting with the Overall Best Value Video Camera for Hunting. Scroll down the page to find the hunting video camera that fits your budget best.