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  • They will be designed to be entirely unobtrusive so that the film itself is not disturbed, while ideally giving you a lot of choice over what types of sound are picked up. This is because a lot of different films require different sound to be used at different times – both near and far. If you can get the best camcorder microphone for this then you will be on your way to filming perfectly.

    When choosing the best camcorder microphone to meet your needs, you must also consider the cost. External microphones vary greatly in cost, with wireless mics being the most expensive. Other factors that determine cost are the brand names, range, frequency and extra accessories. Choose a camera that just fits your needs and don't buy cameras with accessories that you, most likely, will not use. Just because a camera is a popular name brand, it doesn't mean that it will best meet your individual needs.

  • Most camcorders come with built-in microphones, but many people aren't satisfied with their sound quality. Fortunately, there are many different types of external camcorder microphones to choose from. In order to buy the best camcorder microphone, you must consider what it will be used for most often, what kind of input your camcorder has, whether you want wired or wireless and how much you are willing to invest for a quality camera.

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