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AT&T Netgear DSL Gateway Modem Model 7550

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  • I’m not sure why my options here are so limited. From what I can tell, my broadband options consist of only ATT DSL or Comcast. I’m pretty sure there are more options in the broader area, but for some reason my immediate area is limited. I wonder if the free Google WiFi (I can’t get the signal) is making the area less attractive to providers. I was really hoping for fiber, but I couldn’t get it.

    Not sure if you are talking about att dsl or uverse because you are mixing info on both.
    1. The speed you get depends on the plan you have so if i order 3m then it should be around 2.25 and up and if i order 18m then it should be around that to. Saying your speed multiplied 500% doesnt really make too much sense.

  • None of that is helping people in AT&T's wireline service area who are desperate to get DSL Internet and can't. “It has been almost two years since we first requested DSL service. With each inquiry, we have been met with the reply that all ports are currently full,” one person . “This is our only practical option for home Internet. All of our neighbors have service and as this is the only practical option in the area, I do not foresee anyone canceling their service. We are being told with each attempt to remedy this that there will be a request put in to add a port for us. Along with this answer, there is the promise for someone to follow up with us within 5-7 work days. I have never received a return call.”

    While I agree that ATT’s suck factor is high, you basically trade in one evil for another. I used to have ATT DSL, and the bill got to a point where the cost/benefit ratio went out of whack. I then took advantage of a Comcast cable offer. Prices were great for six months, then went up, and then went up again at the 12 month point. At that stage ($65/mo for internet only), it was pay-back time, and Comcast started to take advantage of *me*. Since I had cut the ties with ATT a full year earlier, I was able to take advantage of their latest intro offer, which I now have. However, to my great dismay, I am finding that their modem/router (ATT Uverse 3800 HGV-B) refuses to play nice with my gen 6 Airport Extreme. Alas, I am locked in for a year, so there I go. If you’re willing to pay, yep, I agree that staying with cable is the way to go. For the rest of us minions, switching back and forth to save some dough is a given.

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