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  • Animal Crossing City Folk has wonderful generally safe fun for the entire family. There are a few issues as well. The removal of references to Christ in terms of holidays is an area that needs progress. I was also hoping there would be a church with a pastor, or at the very least a building design tool. A design tool for the town is also needed in my opinion. I started over multiple times trying to get the right town layout, and finally gave up. Overall there is a lot more good than bad in Animal Crossing City Folk. I love the lesson of paying off debt, and being able to tell others about Jesus Christ inside a video game.
    - Paul

    First, switch the date on the Wii to April 12, 2009. Then, when on Animal Crossing City Folk, go infront of the town hall and meet Zipper T. Bunny. He will tell you about bunny day and tell you to go dig up Easter Eggs. He will also tell you about the special prizes in the eggs (Bunny Foil) and if you find some he will give you a special treat (Bunny Day Furniture). When you dig up as many as you can, go to your pockets and click on the egg and select ''open''. If you find bunny foil (golden foil with a white bunny) take it to Zipper T. Bunny and he will either give you a.
    Bunny Wall
    Bunny Floor
    Bunny Bench
    Bunny Bed
    Bunny Chair
    Bunny Clock
    Bunny Stereo
    Bunny Toy Set
    or a Bunny Table
    If you take these to Tom Nook's Store, he will give you like 5, 000 Bells for each piece! I once sold the whole set and made like 80, 000 Bells! But if you decide to keep the furniture you will score high with the Happy Room Academy.

  • Animal Crossing City Folk plays at the pace of the character. Towns can easily be maintained by playing fifteen minutes and day, but those that want to do more can play for hours. Pay off that mortgage at your own pace, upgrade the house, and collect those bugs/fish/fossils. I had no problem with the controls in Animal Crossing City Folk, but there are some others here at Family Friendly Gaming that had trouble doing things like open doors, and shake trees. The key is to point the Wii Remote exactly at the item being interacted with (and press A), or to have the Wii Remote pointed off screen, face the item, and press A.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk includes many aspects of and , as well as some new features. The aims of the game are to pay off your mortgage, finish working for , and just basically live a brand new life. In Animal Crossing City Folk, there will always be something to do, from fishing contests, to paying off mortgages to Tom Nook for your house. In Animal Crossing, you have just moved to a new town, and you are first greeted by Tom Nook, who welcomes you to the town. From then on you live in your town, and you try to make it a better place. You can do this by planting trees, donating fish, fossils, bugs and paintings to the museum, or just donating money to the town hall. At first, your house you live in is just a two room house, just a bedroom and a main room, but as you progress through the game, you can pay off mortgages to Tom Nook too extend your house into a bigger, better place to live. Eventually all the mortgages will be paid off, although it costing one hell of a lot of Bells, but even after that there's always something to do in Animal Crossing. You will also have to furnish your house with any style of furniture available. The style could be robotic or even fruit themed, anything is possible in Animal Crossing City Folk!

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    Animal Crossing City Folk is a fun game with a lot of replay value. Getting to witness to people through words across Wii Speak is a nice bonus. All of the various items, characters, and collectible things means this game can be played for years - easily. All of the different fish, bugs, and fossils are back for the player to capture and donate to the museum. I almost forgot there is a lot of art that can be collected and donated. Personally I have rarely been interested in that aspect of this game. All of the different fruit trees, flowers, and seashells are also present and accounted for.

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Animal Crossing City Folk has the same classic sounds from the previous games. I was honestly a little disappointed with this. The tunes are addicting and can get in the head, but I have spent a lot of time with them in previous games. I was also a little shocked to hear the Christian censorship in certain parts. For example Easter is redefined as Bunny Day. Christmas trees are holiday trees. Family Friendly Gaming stands for the traditional definitions of words, and the Judeo-Christian holidays observed not only in America but all over the world. This has been a problem with the series that seems to has gotten more extreme as new versions of the game are released. It would be nice to be able to have the choice to correct these. Thankfully the censorship has not gone too far yet. We can still write letters/post on the bulletin board telling people Jesus saves, and God is love. Animal Crossing is a wonderful tool that can and has been used for witnessing. The super majority of Americans claim to be Christian, but Animal Crossing City Folk goes to people all over the world, and the gaming community is not blessed with such culture.