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OREI HD-402 4x2 HDMI 1.4V Matrix Switch/Splitter (4-input, 2-output) with Remote Control Supports PIP, MHL, HDMI 1.4, 3D, 1080p, 4K x 2K

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  • The pro versions, NexusTwoPro and NexusFourPro, add universal remote control capabilities via the Skreens Controller App, streaming audio over WiFi/BT, Developer API, , as well as video scaling, priority, cropping, chroma-key, and transparency support. If 4 HDMI input is not quite enough for you, you can also daisy chain two NexusFourPro to get 7 inputs.

    WhenI hook up the HDMI cable from the Tiime Warner Cable Cisco 4742HDC box to the Samsung UHD 4K TV model UN40HU6950F HDMI 1 input I get a beautiful picture but no audio. Same with HDMI 2 and 4. But I do get audio and video on the HDMI 3 input.

    When I connect the TV to the bedroom Time Waner Motorola DCX3510M DVR box, all 4 of the HDMI inputs on the Samsung TV work.

    The TWC tech says it is a problem with the TV and insisted on connecting using the component inputs. I told him that wasn't acceptable since the component inputs are analog, not digital. When I called the Samsung tech, they said it was a TWC problem.

    Any idea why the TWC Cisco 4742HDC box won't work on 3 of the 4 HDMI inputs on the Samsung UN40HU6950F?

  • This 4 In 4 Out HDMI matrix system allows users to control and route HDMIsignals from any of the 4 connected HDMI input sources for outputs to any of the 4connected HDMI displaysin real time. The selectedHDMI inputs will be properly buffered and routed to each assigned HD monitor/projector or HDTV display in any way needed.

    Users have full control of HDM audio output channel from using web GUI panel, IR remote, RS232 or Telnet commands. The audio from any of the 4 HDMIinputs can be chose as the main audio channel for output.

  • The WyreStorm SW-0401 is a 4 HDMI Input to 1 HDMI output switcher and scaler that enables instant switching between any connected HDMI source by remote control or front panel operation, with selected sources fed directly to a single HDMI output, such as a LCD/plasma display or digital projector.

How Many HDMI Inputs Do I Want on a HDTV?

I really don't know there is any sound bar with 4 HDMI input. If there is any sound bar with 4 HDMI input, probably will cost a fortune, more than an AV receiver.